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Reveal this fine address to us so that we can add it to our selection. All our restaurants have a distinctive charm, a genuine character : that little something that makes them outstanding. In order to make the restaurant experience memorable and unique, there always has to be something special that surprises and fulfills the guests.

The strict selection criteria of our restaurants guarantee you a total peace of mind. After receiving a recommendation, we rate the applicant restaurant. The restaurants of Exclusive Restaurants selection must strictly meet the the criteria of our quality charter.

The applicant restaurants get a rating for each one of the following criteria : arrival experience, welcome, service, the decor and the standards, the cuisine, the dish presentation, the cleanliness and the hygiene. Each feature is evaluated and the general average must be over 75%. After that, a committee gives it's final approval decision concerning each newly recommended restaurant.

Be assured that only the best restaurants well known for their quality feature on Exclusive Restaurants.

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