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Le Chef Amandine Chaignot - Restaurant Raphael Amandine Chaignot Raphael, Paris

She was not destined to become a Chef, having been student in pharmacy. But she has been taken captive by her talent, so here she is today in the kitchen of the 5 stars hotel restaurant, le Raphael. Amandine Chaignot puts her first kitchen jacket in 1998. The first days are tough, new codes to learn and a stare down rigour. But this young Chef is endowed with an unusual talent, and she makes the...

Le Chef Jean François Renard - Restaurant Le Tintilou Jean François Renard Le Tintilou, Paris

An inquisitive chef and jack of all trades who’s passionate about what he does and eager to share his creations with others He graduated from Jean Drouant Hospitality School in Paris. He gained practical experience in the industry by working his way up from the bottom in several restaurants, from commis de cuisine to chef de partie at the Michelin-starred La Flamberge. His quest to learn...

Le Chef Mathieu Viannay - Restaurant La Mère Brazier - Mathieu Viannay Mathieu Viannay La Mère Brazier - Mathieu Viannay, Lyon

"The dishes that appeal to me most are often the most instinctive." Mathieu Viannay is a creative, demanding chef who has remained unpretentious and cooks with his heart. He passed his baccalaureate and then a vocational training certificate (CAP) in cooking. It’s an unusual route for an eager and unconventional man. As a fan of classic cuisine for our times, he works hard to create recipes,...

Le Chef Stéphane Pitre - Restaurant Le Metropolitan Stéphane Pitre Le Metropolitan, Paris

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